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Which has Better Online Security: VPN or Proxy Server?

Many people travelling abroad, or living outside the USA, have found themselves getting blocked due to geo-restrictions on content. Some countries even restrict you from accessing basis online services like Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This leads people to attempting to find ways to get around them and they always come to one of two choices: VPNs or proxy servers.

While these two online tools for getting around geo-based restrictions are similar, they do differ. Knowing which one is best for your needs can help you make informed decision, take back your privacy, and give you the free and open Internet which you deserve.
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Country Restrictions: How do Geoblocks Work?

You’re on vacation, far from home, and sitting down at your computer to catch up on your Netflix account. Or maybe tune into the BBC iPlayer to watch some Dr. Who. Or you could be one of many people trying to watch content on Hulu. Either way, you wind up with a geoblock screen that looks like this: how do geoblocks work Not available in your country ‘yet!’ So how do geoblocks work, how are they used, and how can you possibly get around them? Fear not, by the end of this article I’ll teach you ways to get your Tv and movie content that’s being blocked back!
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How to use VPN Apps and Tools

Getting an idea of how to use VPN apps, and just how simple of an internet security tool they all are, can help many users make the decision to use them. Years ago, before I had ever learned how to use a VPN, I too was intimidated. I thought they’d be complicated, but they’re actually quite simple!

If you want to go from VPN n00b, to a well secured VPN user, read this article now! Keeping in mind that this is a general purpose article, your specific VPN provider may differ slightly!
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Best VPN Software: The Top 5 Reviewed

With VPNs being a foreign concept to many average Internet users, finding the best VPN software can make all the difference. Ease of use, with advanced features, makes for a better experience with your chosen VPN.

The problem, of course, is you’ll never know how well the software works until you purchase a VPN package! Fortunately for you, reviewing VPNs is what we’re all about here at BVP! We’ve tested dozens of VPNs, including their software, and this is the top 5 best VPN software packages that we’ve come across.Read More »Best VPN Software: The Top 5 Reviewed