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Public WiFi Security in Airports and on Airplanes: A Traveller’s Guide

The safety record of airplanes in modern travel is very high. Accidents are lower than ever. With safety such a top priority you’d think that this extends to all areas of airline services, but it doesn’t. WiFi security, one of the newest, and most lauded, of services for busy travellers, is not anywhere near as safe as it should be.

With news of airplane’s themselves being hacked in flight, where does this leave the security of the free WiFi which they provide you? If your guess is anything but ‘probably a lower standard,’ I have some prime swamp front real estate to sell you in Florida.
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Protect Yourself While Gaming: Use a VPN on XBox

The Xbox series of gaming consoles have been incredibly popular. With the only true rival being the equally popular Playstation gaming consoles, Xbox enjoys a big slice of the home console and online gaming scene. With that success comes problems. And problems online means hackers. This can be DDoS attacks, online identity theft, and information stealing. Protecting yourself while gaming is now a serious need.

Fortunately, you can use a VPN on Xbox to protect yourself against these threats, your privacy, and help you enjoy a few perks like better group gaming, and even getting you through geo-blocks. Read on to see how to setup a VPN on your Xbox so that you can be secure, and enjoy a better gaming experience.
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Basic Mobile Data Security in a Highly Connected World

The world of information security use to focus almost exclusively on one main thing: Desktop computers. Then came laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and the Internet of …everything fast approaches. Welcome to the new world of mobile data security!

Your business could suffer severe information damages from just one smartphone being lost. People keep their whole lives on these devices, and you can be sure that their work is on them. Knowing your risks, and some solutions, can be a great first step. This article will look at both of these aspects so that you can better control your mobile data risks.
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How to Unblock Twitter: End 140 Character Censorship!

Twitter is many things to many people. It can be used to stay in touch with friends. It can be used to share jokes. It can be used for video. It can be used for pornography. And it can be used to share news stories and current events. These last two uses are why people need to unblock Twitter as censorship happens.

This article is going to look at censorship and blocking issues with Twitter, and offer you real solutions on how to get around it.
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How to Use Google in China: Unblock the Great Firewall!

Google has become an integral part of so many people’s lives in most of the western world. Many of them may not even realize how they need Google for not only search, but also for:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Play
  • Google Maps

And still more, I even left Google-owned Youtube off that list! If you want to use Google in China, or anything they manage, you’ll find yourself blocked. This is because the Chinese government has decided to censor as much of the west’s content as possible.

This censorship applies equally to all those in China, and those visiting China. The Great Firewall of China, which blocks many web properties including Google in China, doesn’t care what your passport says. If you’re in China, they’re blocking all Google products.

This article will help you use all Google products in China. You’ll be back to using your Gmail, downloading from the Google Play store, and watching YouTube clips in no time!
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How to Browse Anonymously Online

Online tracking is so prevalent nowadays that your every move is being tracked. How do you browse anonymously and start to feel like you don’t have eyes looking over your shoulder right at your screen all day and night?

First, there are two types of tracking that take place: local and remote. Local tracking is your search history stored in your browser, and cookies on your computer. Remote includes all of the dozens, perhaps hundreds, of companies which track web activity. Not to mention every website on earth has some sort of tracking as well.
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Data Retention: Australia’s New Laws Come into Effect

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As of October 13, 2015, Australia has passed into law some of the most restrictive data retention laws in the Western world. If you look at them, and understand what they mean, you’ll wonder if this is the type of law coming out of repressive regimes like China, or Syria.

The cost to ISPs could be quite high, causing them to have to raise their prices. The cost to consumers could also be high as any time a large amount of data is stored needlessly, someone comes along and hacks it. Despite the high costs, the retention laws can be easily and cheaply circumvented. We’ll look at all of this now.
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