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Unblock Websites in Brazil While at World Cup 2014

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Hulk hates blocked websites!

The World Cup is brining together people of all nations, creeds, religions, and ethnicities in Brazil right now. Many of these people are arriving in Brazil to find blocked websites. Can you unblock websites in Brazil while at the World Cup? Read on!

Unblock Websites in Brazil While at the World Cup 2014

Hulk hates blocked websites!Many websites feature geo-blocked content. YouTube, Hulu, NetFlix, and TV.com are popular¬†sites that become blocked once you’re outside the USA. Antoher issue is that Brazil’s main telecom provider, Brasil Telecom, has had a long standing problem with allowing Skype to be used, and has had it blocked on occasion.

British soccer lovers, sorry, football lovers, will find that they have to unblock websites while in Brazil too. The BBC iPlayer, ITV, and SKY are all blocked once you’re in Brazil.

If you’re in Brazil for the World Cup, naturally you’ll want to unblock websites while you’re away on vacation to catch up on your favorite series and movies. How do you unblock websites in Brazil while at the World Cup? Let’s solve it for you!

How to unblock websites while at the World Cup in Brazil

A VPN provider will be able to get you past geo-blocking by giving you an IP address that is within another country. Your IP address is the unique code given to your computer that idenitifes who you are and where you are in the world, often down to the street you’re on. Check out our IP address tool to be freaked out by how accurate this is!

A VPN can give you an IP Address within America and make YouTube, Hulu, TV.com and all others think that you’re in America, unblocking those websites for you.

A VPN can give you an IP address within England and make the BBC iPlayer, ITC, and SKY all think that you’re back in England, unblocking those website for you as well!

Is it safe to unblock websites in Brazil at the World Cup 2014?

unblock website in brazil with a VPNVPN services are completely legal. Their primary service is to encrypt your information and give you privacy. The fact that they unblock websites is a bonus that you will grow to appreciate as an aside to the increased privacy and freedom.

VPN services are used the world over. A few countries have banned their use, but Brazil is not one of them. Part of why it’s safe to unblock websites using a VPN in Brazil is that you can’t be tracked down when you’re using one. This is especially true for something as minor as watching content on a website that you’re paying a subscription fee for!

Which VPN to choose to unblock websites in Brazil during the World Cup 2014?

Our website currently reviews 10 VPN providers. Each one is available for use in Brazil, and offers the same service within that country as any other.

Keep in mind that Brazil does not have the same infrastructure as America or England, the internet may not be as fast. It is unclear at this point, but if this slowness is because of throttling by ISPs in Brazil, a VPN can get around that and actually speed up your internet connection!

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