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VyprVPN Announces New VPN Servers

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VyprVPN has been built by the powerful Golden Frog Network, an Internet company with over a decade of experience in the online and digital world. With all of their resources, it’s no wonder that they continue to innovate.

Their new VyprVPN Server is a HUGE step for them in terms of expanding their reach of who they can help, and increase how efficiently they can help those people.

The VyprVPN Server

Whether you have employees who work remotely or employees who travel every now and then, a secure server is what you want to make sure that your data is secure. Yes, you can, and should, still invest in VPN connections to protect your employees, especially from man in the middle attacks at conferences, but an encrypted server is the next step in your business’ digital security.

And VyprVPN Server is not just for businesses, a consumer will love this easy-to-use, personal VPN. Everyday VPN users will now have a way to control their own network and choose their own hardware without a complicated setup or tireless maintenance.

With a VyprVPN Server installed you can expect:

  • Complete control over your network.
  • The ability to lock down your cloud infrastructure.
  • Secure access points for your employees when they’re away from the office.
  • Fast and easy deployment, you can have it running as quickly as 10 minutes.
  • Access your VyprVPN Server within their modern apps.

Who would use a VyprVPN Server?

Both consumers and businesses will enjoy the benefits of VyprVPN Server, which includes:

  • Access your resources safely while on business travel or vacation.
  • Securing your businesses’ access points when your employees are remote, including working from home.
  • Great for freelance workers and the companies who hire them.
  • All developers, website builders and e-commerce testers can use it to protect their works in progress.
  • Consumers who want their own dedicated VPN network.

In short, anyone, anywhere, who wants to put a big, fat digital ‘lock’ on their infrastructure can use VyprVPN’s Servers.

Who can access it now?

At this time, the VyprVPN Server is in beta, yet if you have a VyprVPN Pro, Premier or Business account (starting as low as $10/month) you already have access. If I’ve learned anything about Golden Frog, they never keep products in beta for long. They roll out new products with efficiency.

Don’t wait for them to roll it out to everyone, get in on using one now and completely secure your connections before anything happens to your company’s valuable digital image. If you’re still unsure, be sure to read our review of VyprVPN which points out their other strengths.


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