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Why is Netflix Slow AGAIN?!? Netflix Slow Lanes Due to ISP Limits

If you’re at home right now wondering why is Netflix slow again, while the rest of your Internet connection are fine, it can be frustrating. What you may not know is that these Netflix slowing issues are commonly caused by your own ISP – the very people you are paying to bring you Netflix in the first place!

Netflix have been having a trying time with a number of ISPs as these ISPs are also commonly cable TV providers. They are seeing Netflix as competition and giving their traffic less priority and putting it in slow lanes. Comcast being the worst of the group. Now you, the consumer, are stuck in the middle of these paying both of these companies money but you still can’t watch the totally awesome Daredevil without buffering issues! What can you do? Read on for some ideas!

Is your Netflix slow? Welcome to corporate warfare

The problem with why Next can be slow all comes down to ISP bandwidth throttling. This occurs during peak Internet usage times, and is common on heavy why is nextflix slow traffic warningbandwidth usage tools like video streaming. The problem is compounded when ISPs choose to take this out on specific Internet traffic, such as with Comcast and others who bottomed out speeds back in 2014.

The whole thing comes down to basic net neutrality principles – all traffic should be treated equal so that we all have the same basic speed rights. Netflix themselves sent out a tweet that neatly summed up the issue with those who think that they should control Internet speeds, especially when it comes to slowing down Netflix. You can see that tweet at the bottom, it takes up too much room here mid-article!

Ok, so you should understand by now that you may be asking why is Netflix slow due to your own ISP slowing them down. And if reading my words isn’t enough to convince you that this is what could be slowing down Netflix on your computer, give this confession a read:

“Cogent prioritized based on user type putting its retail customers in one group and wholesale in another.  Retail customers were favored because they tend to use applications, such as VoIP, that are most sensitive to congestion.”

Yes, we did it, but we used works like “prioritized” and phrases like “sensitive to congestion” to make it a little nicer than ‘Ya, we cut the speed on your Netflix.’

How can you solve slow Netflix issues?

The solution that many Netflix users are turning to is a VPN. These tools encrypt, meaning hide, your online activity. ISPs are unable to slow Netflix down on you because they will not know that you’re using Netflix. This will apply to your entire Internet connection, not just Netflix. You’ll be able to enjoy your full bandwidth allocation.

Not only will this apply to your ISP being unable to see that you’re connected to Netflix, they won’t be able to see which websites you’re visiting …ever! They won’t see your emails, messages, what you are reading, or your torrent traffic.

We have reviewed the best Netflix VPNs in a list. You can click the link to go to the list and grow your understanding of your VPN needs if you wish. To cut right to it, our top 3 recommended VPNs for Netflix are:

IPVanish for the great speeds, many servers, and solid connections that rarely drop.

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Hide My Ass for their unsurpassed number of servers, speed which you can make better, and great app.

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VyprVPN for their 100+ USA based servers, ease of use for Netflix, and custom software.

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The final reason why you may want to use a VPN, besides Netflix slow down issues, is for their ability to take down geoblocks on Netflix and let you watch it from outside the USA. The Netflix that you see in Canada is not the same as the USA. The one that you see in Australia is different from those. And the Netflix you see in South Africa is different from all three of those – because Netflix is currently blocked entirely there!

If you find yourself on vacation in a country that is blocked by Netflix you will not be able to view the shows you pay for when you want to relax. Not being able to relax on vacation – what a terrible concept! Fortunately, a VPN will get you past this issue by giving you an IP address inside the USA or your native country. With Netflix thinking that you’re now in the right country you will again be given access to your account.

The next time you wonder why is Netflix slow turn on your VPN and see this issue disappear if it’s an ISP related throttling issue! Here’s Netflix’s burn on Comcast, a retweet of a message originally from Battle for The Internet:

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